Fun Wrap Up This Weekend: Milton, Bucknell Close Living History Project

The Living History Project and its Importance

MILTON – The Bucknell Humanities Center and the Milton Public Library are teaming up to bring us a unique perspective of the coronavirus pandemic. The Living History Project is a community perspective and observations during COVID. Local residents generated an archive of writings, art, and stories about the pandemic.

That isn’t the only purpose of this project. According to Kathi Venios, she wants the project to introduce people of all ages to the idea of community memory, local history, and the centrality of the Milton Public Library. The wrap up event is this Saturday at the Milton library, starting at 11am.

At a May 2nd event, one teen girl who participated made a strong impact on Kris LaVanish, Director for the Milton Public Library. Kris was inspired and even brought to tears by the girl’s hopeful words. The young girl said that she did not want to go back to how things were once before. Instead she wanted to move forward and be better.

Kathi believes that we should be documenting our experiences through this journey so that future generations can really know how we managed to get through it. You can hear more from Kathi Venios and Kris LaVanish by visiting our WKOK podcast page.

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