Geisinger Support Group for COVID-19 is Helping Long Haulers

COVID Support Group Being Offered at Geisinger

DANVILLE – Geisinger is offering a support group for those affected by COVID-19 in any way, and so far, they say it’s been beneficial for everyone.

Geisinger Psychologist Dr. Erin Hall, “People were so isolated that even for people who had COVID-19, there’s such variations in the recovery people had, the experiences that people had when they were sick, that they just don’t realize that other people have been through something very similar.”

The group meets virtually Wednesday at 4 p.m., with each session lasting about 50 minutes, and anyone can join or withdraw at anytime.

Dr. Hall says similar stories have been shared so far from those who had the virus, including lingering psychological symptoms, “We have found a lot of people to be experiencing trouble with sleep. Brain fog has been probably one of the more frequent complaints; trouble with concentrating and just noticing a difference in the way your brain is processing information.”

Dr. Hall also says those who had the disease have also shared stories of anxiety and fears of getting sick again or having the ‘long-haul’ symptoms. Overall, Dr. Hall says a fourth to a third of people who had the disease have experienced these psychological symptoms. You can hear more from Dr. Hall on the WKOK Podcast Page and we have the link to sign up for the group at

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