PA Continues to Put Pandemic Behind; Responsibility Urged

A Period of Transition in the Pandemic

Moving Towards a More Normal

HARRISBURG — Where are we now in the pandemic?  Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam says we are in a phase of transition.  The department continues to closely monitor cases, deaths, and hospitalizations but want residents to take self-responsibility.

“That’s more indicative of why we want to lift the mitigation orders and really progress safely to even lifting that masking order so that folks can self regulate and be able to bring back some activities that they were engaging in during pre-pandemic times,” Beam said.  She adds that residents have to do that safely, still keenly aware of the risks of coronavirus.

Also during this time of transition,  the state will continue to contact trace, and will now have some help.

“We are excited to be able to announce that we have now brought on the National Guard to make sure that there will be no break in continuity of our contact tracing efforts to be able to really carry us through to a more permanent transition as well,” Beam said.

Beam says the Acting Physician General is working hard to make local educational opportunities available for those who may not be interested in getting the vaccine or have questions.  Beam talked about this new period of the pandemic during a recent news conference in Harrisburg.

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