Sunbury Fire Police Regain Revenue, More Fundraising Planned

SUNBURY – Sunbury Fire Police recently held a prize drawing, and immediately launched into another fundraising raffle, while they continue to raise funds to make up for lost revenue during the pandemic.  The drawing Friday was for hundreds of dollars in picnic food and products, and a new Yeti cooler. Sunbury Fire Police Captain Bruce Colyer oversaw the drawing, Dr. Michael Dunnigan pulled the winning tickets from a container, and WKOK’s Mark Lawrence served as witness.

Captain Colyer said the Fire Police they had fewer revenue opportunities in 2020 because many events were cancelled. He said they are raising money for their operations, equipment and staffing. He said a number of events will keep them busy this year, including Sunbury River Festival Aug. 13-14.

Winners of the ‘Start of Summer’ raffle were Nicole Zechman (Yeti Cooler and many picnic foods and supplies), Sally Herb (Five pounds of hamburger, hot dogs and buns), and Nikki Milligan (Five pounds of hot dogs and buns).  Mertz Meats was a sponsor of the drawing.

The next raffle is for a Blackstone propane griddle and air fryer, tickets are $5 each and can be purchased from any Sunbury Fire Police member or arranged by calling 570-274-9907.

Colyer thanked all of the many supporters and donors who have helped throughout the years and he said he’s

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