Smoke at Trevorton Abandoned Mine Fire ‘Significantly Diminished’

DEP: Ongoing Steam, Smoke at Trevorton-Area Fire ‘Significantly Diminished’

TREVORTON – The state DEP says the steam and smoke from the ongoing fire in southern Northumberland County has been ‘significantly diminished.’ A spokeswoman says that was the determination from crews Sunday at the site in Zerbe Township, just south of Trevorton.

She says the DEP awarded a contract Friday evening to Tri-County Spreading of Paxinos to deliver additional tanker trucks with 4,000-5,000 gallon capacity of water to the site. The water is being pond on the AOAA/Northumberland County property. The DEP says this effort has relieved the local fire company.

In addition, the contract applied 65,000 gallons of water to the fire Saturday and over 100,000 gallons Sunday. The large-volume water application will continue in the short term until the fire is extinguished.

A next possible step would involve issuing an emergency contract for a specialized contractor to use firefighting foam or inert gas, and the DEP anticipates receiving a proposal on that today. Northumberland County officials say they would not be responsible for payment of that contract.

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