UPDATE: State House Member David Rowe on Three Ballot Referenda

LEWISBURG – Valley State Representative David Rowe (R-85th, Lewisburg) says a ‘yes’ to the upcoming ballot question to alter the governor’s power declaring emergency declarations is about working together.

On WKOK’s On The Mark Tuesday, Representative Rowe says working together worked out for vaccine rollout, so why not this, “After we proposed the ballot question, the governor decided to form a bipartisan, bicameral task force, and thanks to the efforts that task force Pennsylvania has jumped to the top 10 in the nation for vaccinations, and that’s what these emergency questions will do, is to enable us to work together better.”

If the amendment is approved by voters, it would make any future disaster declarations by the governor expire after 21 days without legislative approval and the governor would not be able to extend it. The referenda will be on the ballot in the May 18 primary.

When asked about Governor Tom Wolf’s argument about saving lives, Rowe says that argument is irrelevant in his eyes, “Pennsylvania still has one of the highest per capita of death rates in the nation, not to mention, most of our fatalities took place in nursing homes, that are already under the regulatory eye of the state government.”

You can hear more from Rowe on this and other key state issues HERE. 

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