What to Expect When You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Expert Says Mild Symptoms for Some

Severe Symptoms and Allergic Reactions Very Rare From COVID-19 Vaccine

DANVILLE – COVID-19 vaccine side effects – what can you expect? Dr. Stanley Martin, Director of Infectious Diseases at Geisinger, “Some of the effects we get after the vaccine, I don’t even like to call side effects. We’re going to call them reactogenicity effects because it’s essentially again, an expected response from your immune system kind of revving up as a result of the vaccine.”

Dr. Martin says the symptoms can happen with any vaccine, not just the COVID vaccines, “Symptoms like headache, low grade fever, muscle or body aches, being somewhat tired, right? Like, you’re feeling somewhat ‘draggy.’ These are symptoms that come along with the effects of the immune system responding to the vaccine. It’s almost like your body is telling you, ‘hey, this is working.’”

He says about a third of people will most likely experience mild symptoms, but severe symptoms and allergic reactions are rare, although they do occur. He says despite challenges from the small number of people currently vaccinated and the uncertainty on how long the vaccination works, having the vaccine available is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“If we’re going to control our lives again, get back to any kind of normalcy, we’re going to have to have enough immunity in our populations to do that. The vaccine is really the only way we’re going to get there.”

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