Sen. Casey: We need a substantial relief bill by end of the year

Senator Casey hopeful for stimulus relief package push by end of the year

SUNBURY — U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-Sen. Pa.) spoke with WKOK about a potential stimulus package and repairing the division in the U.S. leading up to the 2020 election.

Senator Casey says that regardless of who wins the Presidential election, he is hopeful that a stimulus relief package for Americans will be passed soon, “We should get a relief bill done in November. That’s what I would hope we would do, because people are hurting now.”

“With all the legislation passed, we did next to nothing with regard to food assistance. As much as I yelled about it, and I’ll keep yelling about it. We did nothing to support  the Medicaid program which is the one lifeline for people’s healthcare,” he said.

Negotiations over another stimulus package to boost the economy and fund programs designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 has reached a standstill while the U.S. waits for election results. Senator Casey says the divide in the country is so great, that Americans are really going to have to work at fixing it once the election is over.

“One of the best messages Joe Biden has delivered has been one about national unity. He says he’s a proud member of his party but if he were elected, he’d be the President of everybody and that’s the kind of message we’re going to need in the years ahead.”

Senator Casey was a recent guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program. You can hear his full interview on the WKOK podcast page at

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