Evangelical cookin’ up some fun, and funds, for hospital programs

Hospital expansion and mammograms are focus of annual Evangelical fundraising campaign

LEWISBURG – Evangelical Community Hospital is cooking up some fun, and funds, for the hospital and Chief Development Officer Donna Schuck says their “Enhancing the Evangelical Experience” campaign is a great way for people to support new and existing programs, “It is a comprehensive campaign and its helping us support programs like the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health, as well as many others like our community health and wellness, our mobile medical unit, just to name a couple others.”

Schuck says donations also support their Patient Room Improvement Modernization and Enhancement project, also known as PRIME. She says it’s an expansion of 88 new, private patient rooms, “We just completed the first phase and that opened just about two weeks ago. We’re now in the second phase of the project which will provide a brand new intensive care unit.”

To further support the Thyra M. Humphrey’s Center for Breast Health, Evangelical’s popular “Cookin Men” event has gone virtual this year. Schuck says they have 10 chefs who are raising funds to provide screening mammography and diagnostic testing to under and uninsured women, “You can see each chef, you can see what their recipes are, and you can actually donate to support a chef. The chef that has the most donations will, as always and in previous years, be named top chef. And, in addition to that, we wanted to keep food involved in this event.”

Each chef’s top donor will receive a homemade meal prepared and delivered to them personally. You can give, and get more information at evanhospital.com/cookinmen.

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