Senator Gordner says police reform bills are a bipartisan effort

Bipartisan support for police reform bills in Harrisburg

(HARRISBURG – State Senator John Gordner says (R-27th, Berwick) the General Assembly has been busy in Harrisburg the past few weeks and says Republicans and Democrats worked together to pass 13 bills in the Senate unanimously.


He says five of those address police reform, “One requires law enforcement background investigations so that if someone does have misconduct in their history, that someone that’s looking to hire that person will know of their background.”


Senator Gordner says these are timely and topical issues that they’ve been focused on, “One is banning choke holds, other than if there is threat of deadly harm. One is annual training of de-escalation techniques; one is requiring mental health evaluations of law enforcement officers, looking to make sure that they do PTSD evaluations if there’s been a traumatic event.”


You can hear more on the policy and legislation movement in Harrisburg, as well as Senator Gordner’s full remarks on the WKOK podcast page.

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