Selinsgrove Schools: Keep students apart, lunches will be different

Challenge keeping students apart, lunches will be different at Selinsgrove schools

SELINSGROVE – Challenges keeping students ‘social distanced’ and accommodating large crowds at lunch will be just two of the issues facing the Selinsgrove Area School District as they get ready for fall classes. With students on campus…

Outgoing Superintendent Dr. Chad Cohrs says the district, like Shikellamy, is considering three options – a face-to-face primary option, all distance learning, and a hybrid of rotating students into school. But one safety measure that will be a challenge is social distancing and masking in classrooms.

“As a school building, we’re certainly limited by the size of the classroom. In most cases, we will not be able to keep students six feet apart. They will be closer than that. And masks, we still haven’t made a final decision on that yet, but if I had to give an answer right at the moment, I’d say that masks would be optional and not mandatory,” he said.

Cohrs says lunch time will most likely be looking different as well, “Some students will be eating in the cafeteria and most likely some students will have to be eating in classrooms. I think one of the fortunate things about school in the fall is the weather is pretty good, so we can have classes and possibly even lunches outside as much as possible as well.”

Cohrs says the school year will not start early.

Some good news for property owners; the proposed budget doesn’t have a tax increase despite an over $1 million deficit due to the pandemic, “With loss of local revenue, from loss of jobs, loss to real estate transfers and all those kinds of things…they do trickle down to us as a district. Fortunately, we have a healthy reserve account that we can take care of that deficit by just pulling some money out.”

Cohrs says the budget will be up for final approval at the June 29 board meeting. Other big topics will be discussed at that meeting as well, more on that in a future story. Cohrs is retiring next month.


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