PIAA encouraged about high school sports resuming this fall


HARRISBURG – The executive director of the PIAA is optimistic that high school sports will begin as scheduled in the fall semester of high school.  Dr. Robert Lombardi was a guest on WKOK’s Steve Jones Show Tuesday and talked about recent guidance released regarding the PIAA athletes attending practices as soon as July.

Dr. Lombardi said, “I think our sport medicine committee was clairvoyant by making the recommendation to the board that let each school make their own individualized assessment and then make their own individualized plan. Lombardi was pleased the plan wasn’t “one size fits all”, “You sure don’t want somebody sitting in Harrisburg that’s trying to put together a plan and they may not know the local community of the State College area or the Clearfield area or the Shamokin area, and they come up with a plan that is so restrictive that they can’t comply with it.”

Dr. Lombardi adds that there are very few cases of coronavirus amongst high school students, “I think the age group that we’re talking about is 13 to 18. It’s less than 2 percent of those people have contracted this. That’s a pretty small number. And, maybe that’s a number that we could manage and stay ahead of and keep everybody safe.”

Dr. Lombardi also said he has heard that a good part of the state, if not all of it, may be going green in the next week to ten days. You can hear more from Dr. Lombardi from WKOK’s Steve Jones Show on our WKOK podcast page at wkok.com.

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