Pushback from republicans after on Gov. Wolf’s resolution rejection


HARRISBURG – House and Senate republicans held a joint news conference in Harrisburg Wednesday to respond to Governor Tom Wolf’s rejection of their joint resolution.


On the steps of the capital, state senator Gene Yaw (R-23rdm Loyalsock) said, keeping the emergency declaration in place is killing Pennsylvania, “The only purpose that the emergency declaration serves at this point is to keep more Pennsylvanians out of work.”


He said while Gov. Wolf continues to suspend statutes and spend taxpayer money as he sees fit without the oversight of the General Assembly, Sen. Yaw said. “This is no longer an emergency.”


“The evidence no longer supports restricting the rights of healthy individuals. If a business doesn’t want to open, don’t open. If you don’t want to patronize a business, then don’t patronize a business. If you’re afraid to go out of your house, then stay home. I have great faith in the citizens of my district and the citizens of Pennsylvania to make reasonable, rational and responsible decisions concerning COVID-19,” he said.

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