Sen. Casey: Mixed review of Pres., GOP coronavirus response

SUNBURY – Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-Sen. Pa) is happy with how Republicans helped pass a bipartisan $8.3 billion spending bill to battle coronavirus, but President Trump is spreading bad information. He addressed the coronavirus issue during his visit to Sunbury Monday.


Senator Casey says the spending bill shows Republicans are actually serious about helping those affected by the virus, “There’s more dollars to reimburse state and local governments. There’s more dollars in the emergency preparedness fund…its an existing fund, there’s just adding dollars to it. We don’t know the dollar amount Pennsylvania will get in these other categories yet.”


But Casey criticized President Trump’s comments saying anyone who wants a test kit for the virus can get it without questions, “That’s not true of most states, I don’t think most states have enough. So the president never should have said anyone who wants a test can get it, no question about. That was contradicted within an hour or two by the vice president.”


“When it comes to coronavirus information, I don’t think anyone should listen to the president because he keeps giving information that is either inaccurate or misleading, or both. So they should listen to the other folks who are trying very hard in our federal government,” Casey said.


Casey says Pennsylvania does seem to have enough test kits for now. So far, there have been 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state.

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