Valley restaurant owner remembered by many

SELINSGROVE – A former Valley restaurant owner and farmer died in a double fatal accident late Thursday night in Union County. There is sad reaction from many people who knew Emma Renninger, who formerly owned Emma’s Food For Life in Selinsgrove, as well as a founder of the Selinsgrove Farmer’s Market.


Renninger recently began working at The Miller Center in Lewisburg. Drew Kelly Executive Director, “She just brought a level of expertise and experience with sourcing naturally sourced food that we didn’t have here. we were so thrilled to have her more importantly she brought a radiance that spread throughout the facility.”

Kelly says Renninger’s passion for local ingredients in the Valley is something unforgettable, “She just really had a way of taking what we had here in the Valley and making sure that everybody could benefit from the unique ecosystem we have that just not something you see much of.”


Helen Walter is President of the Selinsgrove Chamber of Commerce. She often worked with Renninger when Emma’s Food For Life was a member of the chamber, “It was just such a wonderfully unique business and so friendly she had such creative food designs and a farm to table philosophy. Many people from all over there area came here just to go to Emma’s restaurant.”

Emma Renninger was 39; she died in the crash along with 29-year-old Calvin Martin of Liverpool. More about the crash at

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