U.S. Senator Casey calls for President Trump’s impeachment

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators is joining Democrats in calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey supports impeachment of President Trump after a whistleblower complaint surfaced involving a phone call between the President and Ukraine’s President.  “My concerns about the president’s actions have grown over months, particulary as I thoroughly reviewed Special Counsel Mueller’s report. President Trump’s most recent conduct with regard to Ukraine has created a new urgency to take action,” Casey said.

Wednesday, a memorandum of President Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian President was released. According to reports, the memo shows the president repeatedly asking Ukraine to ‘look into’ Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family.

When asked about how Senate Republicans won’t convict President Trump, Senator Casey says those thoughts are premature, “Senate Republicans have not heard all the evidence, and we’ll see once the evidence is in front of them, if in fact this makes it to the Senate.”

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