Tom Marino defeats Mike Molesevich

marino FEATSUNBURY — The incumbent has defeated his Democratic challenger in the 10th congressional district.  Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) received 71 percent of the vote while Mike Molesevich got 29 percent.


Marino spoke about his top priorities in Washington after learning of his victory, “Two things that will help create jobs, and bring manufacturing back. One is lowering the corporate tax, you know we’re the highest in the world, so we should be down around 50% mark. Deregulation, we need regulation, there’s no question about that. We need to make sure that food is safe, water’s clean and we can breathe the air. But we’ve gone so far overboard, with regulation that are putting businesses out of business, particularly mid-size and small business.”


On his Donald Trump support, he said, “I have had no one, to my face, say anything negative about me supporting Donald Trump. I can’t keep track of the people who, even Democrats, who come up to me and say, thank you for endorsing him and thank you for sticking to your guns.”


Marino said he felt great watching the election results and he thanks everyone for their support. He thanked his staff and said they do great constituent service. He still strongly supports term limits and has said 12 years is enough. He’s been there for 6.

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