Tis the Season to be Grateful, A Professor’s Reflections

SELINSGROVE – It’s no wonder Thanksgiving is a holiday in the US…A Susquehanna University professor recently wrote a national article about how grateful we are, and how grateful we could be in the US.

Dr. Jeffrey Mann, Professor of Religious Studies at Susquehanna University reflected on the way US history is being taught today in an article in the national ‘Fair for All’ publication. He told us during a WKOK Sunrise interview, we are encouraged to cultivate our sense of gratitude.

“There are so many psychological and physical benefits that come from a greater sense of gratitude that anything that would interfere with that should be a great concern,” he said.

He says having a strong sense of gratitude can help you resist stress, helps with social engagements and even helps us exercise.

While there are positive responses to having and showing gratitude, showing ingratitude also has its repercussions. He writes that this can lead to having a cynical view of history, and feelings of despair, apathy, and resentment.

“You know you’re going to see the exact opposite of the benefits of gratitude if you start inculcating ingratitude in people and tell them that things are really terrible, and there are people who are constantly trying to keep you down.”

Dr. Mann says that gratitude is not only a core component to all religions, but is important to both conservatives and liberals. He describes Conservatives as showing gratitude for the good that has been handed down while liberals show gratitude for the good that has yet to come, looking at how we can improve and make more progress.

“You need both types of people, right, you need Conservatives you need Liberals, those who can appreciate the amazing things that we’ve inherited and those who can say yes and let’s go even further.”

You can hear more of this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mann on WKOK.com or wherever else you listen to podcasts.

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