Irritable or can’t sleep? Tips to maintain healthy eating despite stress

SUNBURY – Adults today can face high stress situations every day, and grown-ups have many ways of coping with the daily grind. Some of the signs of having difficulty with stress include from insomnia, irritability and stress eating.


Kathryn Long, registered dietitian at Weis Markets, tells us some stress related statistics, “63% of people are stressed about money, 61% are stressed about work, and 3 out of 4 people report experiencing at least one stress symptom within the last month. So that includes laying awake at night, feeling nervous or anxious, feeling irritable, or really just feeling really tired do to stress.”


Long says caffeine could play a role in stress, but it really depends on the person, “If you really have chronic stress, what would be some ways to reduce that? You might want to look at how much caffeine you’re consuming, because it could lead to having trouble sleeping at night, but if that works for you, you know, the mid-afternoon cup of tea, then I say go for it.”


Long says eating right is helpful for all aspects of life, especially for reducing stress, and she suggests a diet that’s more of lifestyle, “I do think the Mediterranean (Diet) is not a diet, but more of a lifestyle. So yes they eat fish, and olive oil and nuts, and they’ll have a glass of wine, and they’re very active, and they do focus a lot on social interaction. So meals for them are a social gathering.”


Long says it’s the social interaction that will help reduce your stress more than the food. Hear the full interview on the WKOK Podcast page, or visit WKOK on Apple Podcasts and Google Play and subscribe.

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