Three Men Charged for Possible Retaliation Shooting, Another Sought

SUNBURY – Three men are facing charges and another man is being sought by police after a shooting that may be in retaliation for a murder in Sunbury.

Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare says Reggie Houseal and Francky Riche of Sunbury, and Issac Holley of Northumberland were taken into custody Thursday. Hare says an arrest warrant has also been issued for a fourth man, Anthony Moultrie of Sunbury. This follows a June 16 shooting on Third Street in Sunbury where at least seven shots were fired at a vehicle.

Hare says the June 16 shooting may be in retaliation to a murder inside the Penn Jersey Mart on Fourth Street in Sunbury in May. Hare says the vehicle that was shot at June 16 included a relative of accused murder Ajani Uhuru as a passenger. Uhuru was charged with killing 30-year-old Kareem Jakes.

Riche and Moultrie are facing attempted homicide charges, where Housel and Holley are accused of being accomplices. Houseal, Holley and Riche are beign arraigned in front of Sunbury District Judge Mike Toomey Thursday afternoon.

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