Sunbury police ready to hire two new officers

SUNBURY – The future is bright for the Sunbury Police Department according to the police chief Timothy Miller. He said the city passed a major pivot point Friday recently when nearly a dozen potential hires applied to be Sunbury police officers. He said they hope to hire two nearly immedietly, and more later.

Friday he said, “It’s a good day for the city of Sunbury.” He positive reaction came as he received a favorable police arbitration ruling.   A neutral arbitrator announced that the city’s firing of officer Scott Hause was appropriate.

Hause was terminated earlier this year because of what the police department said was an improper Tazing incident. Hause appealed the firing and the arbitrator announced the final ruling. The decision can’t be appealed.  He said, “I’m thankful (the arbitrator) agreed the city termination was justified. I’m happy to put this behind us.  In a way, it impeded progress.”   Miller hopes to have 11 officers eventually.

Chief Miller said this is a turning point for the city as they now hope to hire four new officers in the future.  Two can be hired soon and perhaps two more after that.  He said the city has 11 candidates tested and ready for hiring. Three of those candidates have their Act 120 initial training and they can be hired soon.  Miller said under their Cadet program, they may send other potential officers for training later.

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