Sunbury Abduction, Shooting and Drug Incidents Reported

Sunbury’s current police station, widely viewed as unacceptable in the years ahead.

SUNBURY – Sunbury police say they had two shootings and two drug cases to deal with in about two hours Monday.

First around 11:30am, officers say they got a call about a domestic dispute on Arch Street. Soon a search for drugs was underway at that location. Charges, they say, are pending there.

Then just after 1pm, a child abduction was reported along Julia Street. The child was located soon afterward, but a drug search commenced there and now they say drug charges are pending.

At 1:22pm, a disturbance at Memorial Acres was reported after someone flashed a handgun during a dispute. Again, charges will be filed there.

A short time later, shots were fired at a location along North Eighth Street where police say an argument led to gunfire. No injuries were reported, and that investigation is underway.

All this follows Friday’s high-speed pursuit where a man fled from Sunbury police at extremely high speeds. He got away but has been identified as 51-year-old Thomas Donfrancesco, he’s facing a series of felony charges.

No injuries throughout all of the incidents.

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