State Rep. Fred Keller on how to end budget crisis

SUNBURY – Can Pennsylvania lawmakers find a way to finally end the budget crisis? State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) joined WKOK’s On The Mark providing updates on more possible solutions.   His latest one is cleaning out special funds which hold millions of dollars in reserve, year after year. Keller did acknowledge a decision like that would upset many people.

He said, “If those people need that, they come before the appropriations committee and justify why they need to have so much in reserve. Then we borrow the money to put that back there if we have to, or we get it somewhere else. But while we’re doing that, we bring every agency in; look at what they are that we do zero-based budgeting with performance measures to drive efficiency gains in state governments.”


Keller says the blame doesn’t fall on any one party with how bad budget negotiations have gotten, “If you look at the vote on House Bill 218, which spent the money before we had the revenue, there were 27 no votes. Seven of them were Democrats. So it’s not just one party that has the blame. It’s good management.”


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