PA AG Shapiro: No crime committed in state house COVID case

HARRISBURG – The state attorney general says a state representative who did not disclose that he tested positive for COVID-19 was not criminally negligent. Josh Shapiro was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program talking about Representative Andrew Lewis’s failure to disclose his test results.

Shapiro agrees with lawmakers who are angry that Lewis’s test results went unknown to many in the state House, but said, “While I absolutely understand their frustration and concern, I will say a criminal investigation is really not warranted by my office based on our initial review.”

However, Shapiro believes the situation was handled poorly, “Every single day, frontline workers put themselves in harm’s way for us.  Their safety really depends on a few things…the availability and use of personal protective equipment…and just common decency and transparency from their fellow Pennsylvanians. So, it was very disappointing for me to hear those allegations in the state house and that really that standard of common decency wasn’t met.”

Shapiro believes elected officials need to be held accountable, “It is critical that all Pennsylvanians do their part.  It is especially critical that public officials lead by example and demonstrate a common decency during this crisis and I think the failure to act with decency, it just puts others at risk. It extends the period of time you must fight this pandemic and it holds us all back.”

Shapiro believes the situation was handled poorly and believes elected officials need to be held to a higher standard.  The state house defeated democratic motions to shut down for at least a week, and motions died which would have required house members to wear a cloth mask.  You can hear all of AG Shapiro’s remarks on WKOK’s podcast page. He also was asked about his rumored run for governor.

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