UPDATE: Hearing Friday for Spyglass vs Rockefeller Township

SUNBURY – The future of Spyglass Ridge Winery being able to hold concerts and other entertainment in its current format will be on the line in a hearing Friday morning. Spyglass owner Tom Webb says an emergency hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday in front of Northumberland County President Judge Charles Saylor.

The matter is over whether the venue is breaking Rockefeller Township’s agriculture zoning ordinance by holding concerts and events.

One of those events is scheduled for this weekend, which is a Hot Air Balloon Festival that was previously advertised and is set to give proceeds to five local animal shelters. Webb says if he loses the hearing, he’ll still hold the event because ‘hundreds of lives are dependent’ on the event this weekend. He says its not about his business.

Webb says the dispute with the township dates back to the summer after supervisors claimed the winery couldn’t have campers on the property. Webb says what the township was trying to do was illegal, and says the township’s latest actions are simply ‘a scare tactic,’ and its not the first time the township has done this to other businesses. Webb says ‘they’re messing with the wrong guy.’

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