Social Media Gun Post Prompts Milton Schools Evacuation

MILTON – ‘Reverse evacuation protocols’ were enacted Wednesday in the Milton Area School District after district leaders were told of a social media post involving a gun.

Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan says leaders were made aware of the post at 12:45 p.m. that was shared among several juveniles at the Middle School. The post however, was shared last week and was just reported to the school and police Wednesday. Milton Borough Police then conducted a full investigation, including identifying and interviewing the student believed to have shared the picture of the gun.

Dr. Keegan says officers advised the district to enact the evacuation procedures out of caution, and end of the year outside activities were brought indoors for the rest of the school day.

Dr. Keegan says Milton officers are ‘confident’ the threat has been neutralized, but in wake of the tragic Texas school shooting, are still having police presence at all campuses.

This is the second gun-related incident in the district in the last week, after a student brought a Glock and 16 rounds of ammunition onto school grounds May 16.

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