Shikellamy School District Honors Wall of Distinction Alumni

SUNBURY – You can be anything you want to be . . . That’s the message emanating from the Shikellamy High School’s new Alumni Wall of Distinction.  The wall is being used to honor alumni and serve as an inspiration to students.

“It’s not about job title, or how much money you make, or where you live; it is about being able to support yourself, better yourself, better the community and be content with where you are. I think that’s the message we’re trying to give these students.

“You can become anything you want to become, it’s just totally up to you,” according to State Representative Lynda Schlegel-Culver (R-108th, Sunbury), who joins Amy Martin-Ziegenfuss as the first two alumni to grace the wall with their accomplishments.

Representative Schegel Culver graduated in 1987 and is now serving her sixth term in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, consistently receiving awards for service and leadership. She volunteers her time in a variety of local organizations and credits Shikellamy’s teachers, curriculum and extensive extracurricular opportunities with helping her find her path.

Ziegenfuss is a 1991 graduate. She’s the Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise/Brand Marketing for Hilton and was named to the Women Leading Travel & Hospitality List this year for her success creating space for diversity of talent and thought in the industry.

She said drama coach Ellen Boyer and debate coach Mike Nailor were major influences, “It took me a little while to find my people, but I think people at Shikellamy – the teachers, the coaches – really do want to help. So if you are looking for something, keep looking, and keep trying to be part of that community because it’s very supportive.

Each year, the Alumni Wall of Distinction committee will consider nominations and honor graduates who reflect the school’s values and serve as positive role models to the students. You can hear more from this year’s winners on our podcast page.

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