Sheriff’s Office Warns of Scam

SUNBURY – The Northumberland County Sheriff’s office is warning people about a scam around here.

The Sheriff’s office issued a news release Monday saying several people have called the sheriff’s office saying they received a suspicious call. Someone phones the homes, the caller says he’s ‘Sgt. Nicholas Goodwin of the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller says he has a summons for the recipient of the call and says he wants to meet with whomever he’s calling to take care of this summons.  He supplies a telephone number of 570-427-3584 to call for further details.

The sheriff says, when that number is called, the caller hears a voice mail indicating you have reached the Northumberland County Sheriff’s office and to leave a message.  Sheriff Robert Wolf says, “It sounds official but obviously it is not.  We have no Sgt Goodwin in this office.”

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