PA AG Shapiro visits Valley to quell farm vs. town disputes

SUNBURY – A visit from the state attorney general towards lessening disputes between local farmers and local government. State Attorney General Josh Shapiro met with Valley farmers, and various county and township officials Thursday at the Northumberland County Administration Center. The round table was focused on how farmers can protect themselves by using the Act 38 ACRE law in disputes with government. Shapiro hopes it will end disputes more quickly to save farmers money. “If we can provide some guidance to them through the ACRE program, as to how we resolve the dispute somewhere else, we can save some a whole lot of time of legal fees and fighting back and forth and community angst.”

The 2005 law ensures local ordinances do not regulate agricultural operations in ways that exceed, duplicate or conflict with state law. If a farmer believes an ordinance is illegal, he or she can ask the attorney general’s office to review it.


But Shapiro also wanted to bring both farmers and government officials together to understand each other’s goals, and feels that were accomplished. “We got a chance to share with them some of the good work we’re doing on ACRE that promotes the work we’re doing. I think everyone left here with a greater understanding of the roles everyone plays, and my office can be of help insuring they resolve disputes more quickly.”


This visit by Shapiro was one of three separate visits in the Valley Thursday. Stay tuned to future newscasts of that state attorney general’s visit to Evangelical Community hospital to continue the fight against opioids.

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