Shapiro says He is Sticking with President Biden

Photo courtesy of AP News

HARRISBURG – PennLive is reporting… As the number of Democratic elected officials calling for President Joe Biden to end his run for a second term continues to slowly grow, Governor Shapiro says he’s sticking with Pres. Biden

Gov. Shapiro runs a key swing-state and is sometimes named as part of a potential replacement ticket – but Sunday he said he’s sticking with the incumbent.

Publicly, Shapiro has been solidly in Biden’s corner since the president’s fumbling June 27 debate with former President Donald Trump, arguing the Democratic party needs to stop worrying (about Biden) and start working with a successful Biden Administration story that should, in his estimation, be enough to defeat Trump.

Shapiro didn’t say anything to modulate his support for Biden Sunday after a semi-private chat with the president at Denim Coffee in Harrisburg at the close of a one-day Pennsylvania swing.  But he did acknowledge that Biden is in a real testing period with a larger Democratic Party now that wants nothing more than to defeat Trump.

Biden and his wife, Jill, had their members-only meeting with Shapiro as an addendum to his campaign stop in Harrisburg Sunday afternoon that every political junkie in America would have loved to have been in on.

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