Sam Schiccatano Seeking Third Commissioner Term

SUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioner Chairman Sam Schiccatano says he will seek a third term as county commissioner. Schiccatano said he is hoping to continue fighting tirelessly for the county’s senior citizens, veterans, and all other residents.

Schiccatano noted a list of accomplishments over the last few years, all of which have been done with zero tax increases the past three years, without use of COVID funding. Some of those accomplishments include two major capital projects, involving the purchase of land and buildings where the county prison is currently located. There’s also the $4 million courthouse renovation project recently completed.

Schiccatano also noted his administration provided more resources to expand public safety, the county being ‘instrumental’ in donating Sunbury Hospital to DRIVE and expanding the use of the former textile mill, and now welcoming the new Encina plastic recycling plant to Point Township.

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