Rep. Rowe Opposes Democratic Legal Pot Plan; Open to Good Plan

WATSONTOWN – The governor’s plan for legalized recreational marijuana for adults is bad policy, but one state house member said he could support a good plan…so said state house member David Rowe of the 85th district. He said the governor’s plan will backfire.

Rowe said, “I don’t think it’s ever a good policy to legislate based on revenue…so when people say lets legislate something based on how much money we can make off of it. Because if you are trying to legalize something based off of that, something that already a black market exists for, your going to simply increase the supply but push more of the demand to that black market.”

Additionally, Rep. Rowe said legalizing pot has been a democratic priority for years so it will probably move forward, but he said the plan is to move the legal pot under the jurisdiction of the state stores, and that is a terrible idea, “I think that’s very short-sighted. The government should not be in business and industry should not be competing with the private sector. The governor’s own executive branch, the PLCB doesn’t want this program.”

Rep. Rowe said ‘sin taxes’ are a bad idea in general, and the plans have backfired in neighboring states. He spoke at a recent Central PA Chamber legislative event.

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