Rep. Stender’s Perspective on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

WATSONTOWN – Put another local lawmaker in the ‘no’ category for legal pot. State house member Mike Stender was asked recently about his view on adults smoking marijuana legally:

“Right now I’m a no on recreational marijuana.” Stender said. “I just don’t necessarily see the need for that in the community. I would like to see better statistics out of the medical marijuana, and the effects positive and negative on our communities.”

We caught up with 108th District representative Stender at a recent Legislative Breakfast held by the Central PA Chamber of Commerce. He said there could come a time he might support it:

“Once I think we learn from that maybe we can begin that discussion, but right now as what I saw from the governor I’m not going to be supporting that.”

Rep. Stender thanked everyone in the district who has voiced their opinion about this and other issues. He said it is very helpful for him to know their view on important budget and state law issues.

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