Preview of Upcoming WKOK Sunrise and On The Mark

WKOK Sunrise, Monday, June 27, 2022:

This Morning — America’s First News with Gordon Deal

  • Democrats aren’t done trying to pass additional gun-control laws. But many walk a fine with their pledge to ban semi-automatic weapons…
  • Also, the Americans who’ve done a 180 financially…and now find themselves struggling after the stimulus cash from Congress…
  • And why it’s so difficult for the airlines to find pilots…

7:10am and 7:40am: John Moore, author, freelance writer, storyteller, historian, retired journalist, Northumberland resident, on the 250th anniversary of Sunbury, Packer Island and Northumberland. We’ll talk about the native Americans who were here first, the first settlers who settled her, and the evolution of the subsequent centuries. We’ll chat about colonial times, new forts, why have forts at all and the lead up to modernity; the 1900s.  Part 1 of several (recorded).

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 10:00am: Open phones.  Nobody is happy with SCOTUS.


Photo by Sara Lauver. Another stunner of a sunrise recently, at the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation

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