Pregnant Teen Shot and Killed in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A homicide investigation is underway after police say a pregnant 19-year-old woman was fatally shot in Harrisburg Monday evening.  The Dauphin County Coroner’s office says Tyemeshia Miller of Harrisburg was fatally shot in the back and the manner of death appears to be a homicide.

Miller was five months pregnant with a baby boy, who also died on Monday evening. The cause of death was ruled to be asphyxia due to maternal death.  Harrisburg Police Commissioner Thomas Carter said on Tuesday that someone shot into a crowd of people in the area of Woodbine and 4th Streets around 5:45 p.m.

Officers were already in the neighborhood and responded without a 911 call being made.  “They were in the right neighborhood but just 30 seconds off,” said Carter. “We are trying, but this hurts. Every homicide in the city hurts, but this really hurts because you had a 19-year-old female who was pregnant.”

Carter added “Who in their right mind fires into a crowd with children in it? I’m getting sick and tired of seeing monuments.”  Police added they are not ruling out whether Miller was specifically targeted, but believe someone in the crowd was the intended target.

There is no indication at this time the shooting is connected to a fatal grocery store shooting two blocks away on May 3..

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