Parents come together to support students and school in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG– Parents in Lewisburg’s school district are coming together to spearhead a new campaign supporting students as they return to school this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Co-founder of “Lifting Up Lewisburg,” Lisa Peronne, says the campaign is a grassroots effort by parents to support the needs of the school district in their reopening plans, “If the needs are more technology access because we’re going to be more remote, then we’ll be there supporting that. If the needs are in-person, such as face masks or face shields, or other cleaning supplies for the schools, we will support the needs of the school district whatever their decision is.”


Perrone says the Lewisburg community has always been supportive and this was a positive way for parents to help out, “I was feeling, you know, a bit dejected at the end of the school year just seeing my two boys who are in high school missing being in school and their activities of course, and I thought other parents probably thought the same way. So, maybe we could come together and take that energy and use it as a catalyst to put it towards something good.”


Lifting Up Lewisburg hit its initial goal within its first two weeks of fundraising and plans to continue their efforts. You can get more information at and listen to the full interview on WKOK’s Sunrise program at

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