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WKOK Sunrise, Tuesday, January 26, 2021:

This Morning — America’s First News with Gordon Deal

  • The battles that President Biden picks in the coming weeks regarding America’s crises…will set the terms of his legacy. We’ll explain how…
  • In the middle of a vaccine rollout, the nation’s colleges are welcoming back students to campus for the Spring semester. Does that mean another spike in Covid cases?
  • And wearing a tie while working from home.

7:10am: Allison Hess, Vice President of Health Services, Geisinger, on the logistical, medical and informational aspects of the vaccine rollout. We’ll talk about how their coordinating the supplies of vaccine, the staffing, and the recording keeping involved.

7:40am: Dr. Matt Rousu, Dean of Sigmund Weis School of Business, Susquehanna University, on bolstering the US economy with the COVID-19 vaccine, and the idea of paying people to take the vaccine.  We’ll squeeze in a quickie US economic update, the financial aspects of transitioning from Pres. Trump to Pres. Biden remark, and stimulus monies.

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 10:00am: Open phones.  Joe will come in with the ultimate ‘gotcha’ this time. He plans to prove the media has bias, and Pres. Biden is a democrat.

Sara Lauver


Another stunner of a sunrise recently, at the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation

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We wrap up our election predictions, and talk about some teachers in trouble after they portrayed Mexican migrants and dressed as…the wall.  Lou Barletta, US Congressman (R-11th, Hazelton), US Senate candidate, calls in on the issues raised in the campaign and his reflections on the race.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan are back together for another discussion. Bob Buehner Jr. joins the roundtable panel to talk about the mid-term elections, and the big changes coming in Washington DC if Dems take over the House or Senate. Dan Meuser, candidate for US congress 9th District, calls in and comments on what really happened with the ‘go to hell’ remark that has been brought up in the campaign. We make election predictions.

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8:30am to 9:00am: Bob Garrett, President and CEO, Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce (GSVCC), and John Uehling, Chairman GSVCC, President Contrast Communications, on the latest jobless numbers, participation rate and the local employment numbers. They’ll talk about upcoming chamber events.

8:40am: Mark Cohen, President, Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association, on the work of the PNA, the big issues in media today, and a preview of his upcoming remarks to a GSVCC luncheon (11/8, 11:15am, Front Street Station).

9:20am to 9:50am: Kurt Masser, (R-107th, Elysburg), Republican State Representative seeking reelection, on his tenure in office, his bills passed, and his voting record, on his campaign, the key issues and will compare and contrast himself with his opponent.

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Sarah Donnelly, Candidate for office, Democrat, 107th District, on her campaign, the big issues and compare/contrast with the incumbent.

9:00am to 10:00am: Open phones, we continue looking for solutions and unity going forward after the Pittsburgh shooting, and at:

9:20am: Clifford Rieders, noted attorney, founding partner in Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Waters and Dohrmann of Williamsport, Pa., on the Pres. Trump birthright proposal.

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Mark Lawrence goes solo to host the following show:

8:30am to 9:20am: Rabbi Nina Mandel, Congregation Beth-El, Sunbury, and Laurence Roth, Professor of English and the Director of Jewish Studies at Susquehanna University, on the history of anti-Semitism and the reason it is a very current issue. We’ll discussed the Pittsburgh shooting, the forward thinking reaction globally, and what we can all do support and respect each other.

Noted attorney Clifford Rieders checked in and discussed his work with the Zionist Organization of America, fighting anti-Semitism, and he outlined some key lessons and several keys ways to move forward.

9:00am to 10:00am: Susan Jordan, Executive Director, Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center, on finding solutions to the issues which divide us, and how we are all responsible for each other. The President isn’t solely responsible. The gunman isn’t solely responsible either. We’ll looked for solutions and common ground going forward.

Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan discuss the President’s visit to Pittsburgh and the mixed reaction to his visit, and we argue about the President’s culpability in the Pittsburgh massacre and other acts of violence. We also seek solutions, and we discuss the President’s 14th Amendment/Birthright executive order.

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Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley host Ken Krawchuk, Libertarian candidate for PA governor, on his campaign, open borders, gun laws, police shootings, and many other topics. Then we discussed the mail bombs and the responsibility of the President, and the media.

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Joe McGranaghan and guest co-host Steve Kusheloff argue about the President Donald J. Trump administration, his policies, rhetoric, and the impact of those words. They discuss the mail bombs, the nation’s divisions and many related topics.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan talk about the rising popularity of President Trump, esp. among Republicans who once kept their support muted, or even vocalized their opposition. We discussed the morals, values and ethics of Pres. Trump, the booming economy and why the GOP is fully behind the president at this time. We scattered in some milk/white supremacist remarks as well.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan argue about the Honduran caravan, President Donald J. Trump’s response, the response of most people locally, the quiet Democrats on the issue, and other opinions. We talk about the PETA news release linking milk to white supremacists. Also, US Senate candidate Dale Kerns calls in for a 9-minute segment. He has been invited to call or visit again for more time.

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