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WKOK Sunrise, Monday, October 3, 2022:

This Morning — America’s First News with Gordon Deal

  • The latest on the rescue and recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian…as the big storm worked its way across Florida and up the East Coast…
  • Also, soaring energy prices driven in part by the war in Ukraine could get more complicated for the U-S. Hear the effect of a looming recession in Europe…
  • And the latest phrase for the workplace: productivity paranoia…

7:10am: Katrina Mouery, Co-Executive Director, Sunbury Branch, Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA, will be back with a ‘fall check-in’ on the many things happening at the Y. Believe it not, we’ll cover the upcoming holiday coat drive and the search for coats, and maybe a donation or two for the cause. They will mention the upcoming 5K, their fall/winter swim lessons, the YMCA Art Center update, and of course, the mission and work at the GSVYMCA. I’ll ask about the worker shortage again.

7:40am: Doug Bertanzetti, Executive Director, SUMMIT Early Learning, with an update on the mission and work of SUMMIT Early Learning, the challenges they’ve faced lately, the huge scope of their work and success. We’ll discuss their upcoming ‘Touch a Truck’ event (This Saturday, Oct. 8, 11am Middleburg, in the bus loop between the high school and the elementary school). We’ll discuss what SUMMIT is and what they are not, and we’ll learn about their unmet needs.

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 10:00am: Open phones.  Mark wants to keep the nation politically divided…so that we have good On The Mark arguments.

Photo by Sara Lauver. Another stunner of a sunrise recently, at the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation

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FULL INTERVIEW: State Senator John Gordner (27th District) discusses election reform, Voter ID and overturning mask mandates on On The Mark.

State Senator John Gordner, on the state budget, the failed referendum on child sex abuse statute of limitations, no pending gun law changes, and many related topics.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan host State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23rd, Loyalsock), on his recent commentary on the outcome, anomalies, and failed challenges to the 2020 Presidential election. We also discussed his opposition to Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 restrictions, especially restaurants and bars. Also, the state budget, his reelection and his 2021 goals.

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State house member David Rowe discusses the confusion from Gov. Wolf’s shutdown request, and how we can all stay safe.

House member David Rowe on WKOK’s On The Mark

Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley host Freddi Carlip of Lewisburg, and Mariasha Baumgarten, co-director, Chabad of Lewisburg, on the upcoming Menorah lighting in Hufnagle Park, this Sunday, 4:30pm. Chabad of Lewisburg is holding the community lighting, then a Grand Chanukah Part at the Greenspace Center. We talk about the growing community of Chabad, an increase anti-Semitism in the US and the ‘Tree of Life’ recovery.

During open phones we talked about the state legislature being encouraged to bail out the nuclear power industry which has fallen on hard times because of the natural gas industry. We talk about corporate welfare, the employee impact in the community and more.

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Mark Lawrence (is back!) and Joe McGranaghan argue about President Trump, his hugely successful impact on the US economy, and his moral failings. We talked about Wall Street, climate, and the President’s remarks on Tritter.

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