Northumberland County Prison Guard Shortage Forces Lockdown

COAL TOWNSHIP, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – Correctional officer shortages continue at Northumberland County Prison, but the situation worsened over the weekend.   That forced the jail to impose a temporary lockdown.  PennLive is reporting,  inmates were confined to their cells from 2 p.m. Saturday to 8 a.m. Sunday.

Warden Thomas Reisinger told PennLive, the lack of staff willing to accept voluntary overtime led to the issue. Reisinger also said he and the deputy warden visited each cell block before the lockdown explaining to inmates, the lockdown was caused by a staff shortage and nothing they had done.

Reisinger says the prison needs 84 corrections officers to be fully staffed, but it currently has 34.

The county say they have been doing everything it can to resolve the staffing issue, but haven’t been able to find enought people to apply.

Wardens throughout the state are experiencing similar employment problems since the start of the pandemic. The biggest issue has been salaries not being competitive to the current job market.

The current inmate population is 192, the prison has a 284-inmate capacity.

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