Next steps for former Wood-Mode employees


KREAMER – After the closure of Wood-Mode, there are a number of career training and education programs helping the workers.  Erica Mulberger, Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation, and they’re here to help people seeking a new job.


She says there is a training program that works with employers who are hiring former Wood-Mode employees and it helps if the worker wants to switch careers or go back to school, “We also offer skills training where if they want to go back.”


“Maybe they want to switch careers entirely and go into the health industry, we have a high priority occupations list that includes manufacturing jobs, finance jobs, health care jobs, anything like that we can help support if they want to switch career path” she says.


Mulberger says many of those skills learned at Wood-Mode are transferrable. It’s possible that former employees might want and need new skills to learn how to adapt to a new employer. She was on a recent edition of WKOK’s On The Mark program.

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