Nascent Sunbury Arts Council Hosts Fall Fun Events

New Artists Council Opens in Market Street

SUNBURY – Locals artists have a new haven in Sunbury. The Sunbury Arts Council has a headquarters at 421 Market Street opened to experienced and aspiring artists.

Executive Director Lindie Lloyd, “The Sunbury Arts Council, developed after a couple years. We started with an event first, and then we decided we wanted to continue to keep fostering the growth of the arts in the city of Sunbury.”

The building will house experienced artists willing to teach, “We have some amazing art instructors; Ingrid Howard, she judged one of our shows for us. Ryan Albertson, he’s an art instructor for the elementary schools and he’s extremely talented. So we have some pretty great artists who are teaching our children.”

Lloyd says the council is preparing for several events for the rest of the year, including an event this Saturday 9/11/21, “We are having our Arts and Curiosity Fest, which is in Stroh Alley. It has about 45 artist vendors and that is Saturday, eleven to five.” A fall festival is also planned.

You can hear Lloyd’s full discussion about the Arts Council from the WKOK podcast page.

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