Monday Event Focuses on Van Wagner’s Tree Quest

DANVILLE – It’s time to hear from Danville area resident Van Wagner’s one-of-a-kind quest to climb the tallest tree in every Pennsylvania county. He’s been to the top of 43 counties so far.

Wagner has a public appearance Monday at the Fishing Creek Watershed Association to discuss “67 Trees on 67 Mountains in 67 Pennsylvania Counties.”

He told us, he wants to get people’s attention, to talk about trees in Pennsylvania, “Our forests are a wonderful resource, they provide thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in revenue, outdoor recreation, spiritual renewal, all these wonderful things, and they are a wonderful, beautiful, resources, but I think sometimes we take that for granted.”

He invites everyone to visit HERE to see the videos and enjoy the experience. He’s particularly hoping the videos can be enjoyed by people for whom actually visiting these parts of PA, or climbing a tree, might be limited.

Water says our forests need us, we’re facing habitat loss, a growing number of invasive species, so more we could use more education about the threats and challenges. Who better than a watershed association to take his message, “I want to get people talking, I want to get people aware of the threats and challenges. But I want to make it a celebration of all the good things too, I don’t simply want to be an alarmist. I wanna on one hand celebrate our forest and all these things that are going on, but I want to also get people to talk about these threats and get people prepared for future threats.”

Wagner is an educator, musician, and songwriter, he’s a history buff too and his demonstrations are well known in the Valley.

Monday, he’ll address the watershed association, he’ll be at the Ag Services Building near Bloomsburg, the building is at 702 Sawmill Road. They have more information at

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