UPDATE: 6-8,000 Mink Loose After Break-In in Northumberland County

American mink takes a look around as it hunts along the rocky shore at Clover Point, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

ROCKEFELLER TOWNSHIP, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – Stonington state police say 6-8,000 of mink are on the loose after a break in at a mink farm in Northumberland County. Stonington troopers say the incident was reported around 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning at a farm off Route 890 in Rockefeller Township.

Troopers say an unknown actor(s) cut holes in the fence surrounding the farm, releasing the mink from their pens.

Troopers say numerous state agencies and farm staff are currently working on recovering the mink.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Stonington troopers.

The Sunbury Animal Hospital posted on social media residents can set up traps, and any captured mink can be brought to the animal hospital on Route 890.

But the animal hospital says these animals should not be approached, as they can be aggressive, and if they approach you, get away from it. They are also not pets and should not be taken in a home or to a rescue.

Residents in the area are also asked to keep their pets inside if possible or monitor your pets when outside.

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