Local township supervisor protests at Governor Wolf’s house

YORK COUNTY – One of The Valley’s local township supervisors went to the top this weekend…to Mt. Wolf to see Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.  Billy Allred went to the governor’s residence to complain about the waiver process, the partial shutdown under in Pennsylvania and the lack of communication.


“His phones are redirected to the Department of Health at this point. If you email him, you just get canned responses, so that’s why I went to Mount Wolf, because I think the governor needs to be hearing from people directly,” he said.


Allred says he did encounter police officers on scene, but he was able to peacefully speak to governor one-on-one on the governor’s front yard. Allred voiced complaints how his brother’s Air B&B wasn’t allowed to open at first because it was mistakenly misidentified as a construction business…but then was just given the okay to reopen–as all construction companies can soon.


Despite that inconsistency, Wolf told Allred all decisions to reopen are taken carefully and shutting down the whole state, including less-infected areas like Union County, was likely a huge benefit, “Say we open up in Union County, and Philadelphians start to travel to stay in air B & B’s in Union County, you’re going to see a spike and it’s not your fault. I’m pretty sure if we had done nothing, even in Union County, things would’ve been a lot worse.”


Allred says he still appreciated the governor’s time despite not being completely satisfied with his answers, “It was a good conversation in that respect, I’m not sure I learned a whole lot. He’s trying to do the best he can, which I understand, and I hope next week, when he ponders Union County, he’ll remember his pleasant interaction with me on his front yard.”

Allred called into WKOK’s On The Mark Monday with more reaction, hear that on the WKOK Podcast page. We also posted a link to Allred’s discussion with Governor Wolf here. 

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