Local representative sees benefits to medical marijuana




HARRISBURG —  As Pennsylvania inches closer to approving medical marijuana legislation, one state representative says controlling use is key. State representative Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) says the House has formed a task force to find a compromise between both supporters and opponents of any marijuana bill.

Culver says physicians and politicians in other states that already have similar laws in place have warned the task force to, “Be very careful of how you implement this, make sure you keep tight controls, that it stays for a medical use.”

Culver, who is not a member of the task force, says there are clear benefits to permitting the use of prescription THC, but her main concern is making sure it is controlled. The state Senate approved the legislation in May and now awaits a House vote. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has indicated he will immediately sign a bill if it passes. (John Brunner)

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