LISTEN: Lewisburg Native Writes ‘Hometown,’ Love Letter to Home

LEWISBURG – Wendy Rich Stetson, Lewisburg native that moved to New York to become an establish author, audiobook narrator, and actress comes to Lewisburg to do a book signing at Barnes and Noble for her new book.

Stetson says her book Hometown, the first in her three part series, is a love letter to her hometown, Lewisburg. Throughout the book, fictionalized versions of parts of Central Pennsylvania are noted throughout the chapter for PA residents to pick out and relate to their daily lives:

Hometown is a small town romance. It is set in a fictionalized version of my hometown, which is Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. It involves a love triangle, but ultimately, it is an Amish romance as well. One of the heroes, the hero of the book, is Amish.”

To help kick off the Lewisburg Arts Festival, Stetson tells us about the book signing she will be attending. She says she has not visited the Arts Festival in years and is excited to tour the stands and vendors that will line to streets:

“It’s going to be Friday, April 29 at 6pm. That’s the weekend of the big Lewisburg Spring Arts Festival in Lewisburg. Really wonderful arts opportunities that are available to be seen and taken in by everybody and I’m excited that I’ll be there for that weekend.”

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