Lewisburg Borough Kicks off Flood Mitigation Study

LEWISBURG – The Borough of Lewisburg has begun another flood mitigation study to develop initiatives and secure resources to improve upon its flood resiliency. Borough officials announced the start of the study Wednesday in conjunction with SEDA-COG Flood Resiliency staff.

They say the nine-month study will document flood impacts in the borough while also developing strategies to increase its resiliency to future flooding. Borough officials say the project is being funded by a $100,000 grant from the state DCED and $120,000 in funds from the borough itself.

Objectives for the study include public outreach, identifying flood mitigation solutions for the North Fourth and Fifth Street neighborhood, and solutions for businesses in the floodway and within the regulatory floodplain/floodway. Objectives also include developing an operation recovery plan following a large flood event, and a flood resilient community ‘toolbox.’


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