Harrisburg releases $3.3 billion in delayed funds

STATECAPITOL_FEATUREDHARRISBURG – School districts, counties and social service agencies will be receiving back payments from the state this week. State Treasurer Timothy Reese said 16,400 payments were expedited and processed in half the usual time, “Those payments are going to our most needed or effected groups which are our school districts, counties and human service organizations. The great news is they’re going to receive those payments as early as tomorrow.”

Reese says those payments total $3.3 billion and remaining payments will be available in the next two weeks, “We have an additional 35,000 other payments that we are expediting. Our Treasury Department has worked over the weekend to pre-audit many of these payments. And the great news is that those payments will begin to go out as early as January 8 and we should have all payments out within the next two weeks.”

Payments to these agencies had been delayed due to the state’s budget impasse.

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