Geisinger settles families’ lawsuits over babies’ infections

DANVILLE – A settlement has been reached between Geisinger and the families of the children affected by, and those families of children who died, from infections in Geisinger’s neonatal unit.

The babies were made ill, and some succumbed to bacterial infections, linked to donated breast milk.

Philadelphia attorney Matt Casey, representing some of the parents said, “In addition to monetary compensation, this litigation and settlement have resulted in express apologies from Geisinger to my clients. It also contributed to Geisinger taking steps to prevent anything like this from happening again.”  Casey says Geisinger has changed its process of preparing donated breast milk and has fully taken responsibility.

We last told you eight babies were infected and three died from bacterial infections last fall. Casey also says another then-premature baby involved suffered a serious brain injury. The neonatal ICU resumed operations by last December – this after Geisinger corrected several deficiencies found by the state Department of Health.

In a statement, Geisinger President and CEO Dr. Jaewon Ryu says the hospital recognizes Mr. Casey’s advocacy and we apologize to all families involved. He says Geisinger believes has taken the right steps to prevent future infections.

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