Geisinger program going national

DANVILLE – After Geisinger announced that they are launching the Geisinger National Precisions Health Initiative in the Washington DC area on Tuesday, people have been talking about what MyCode exactly is.

Huntington F. Willard

Dr. David H. Ledbetter, executive vice president at Geisinger and chief scientific officer held a conference call with the media on Wednesday, to discuss the MyCode program.


Ledbetter said they knew their MyCode genomic research was going to be beneficial to their patients, but they were surprised how beneficial, “That clinical value to our patients and to our healthcare system has been greater than we anticipated in identifying patients who are at increased risks for early cancer or early heart attacks and other cardio-vascular events.”


Ledbetter says that this success has prompted them to move forward, and take the MyCode program from research to clinical, “So every patient and member of Geisinger will have the opportunity to identify individuals with increased risks where we can intervene and reduce their risks and in some cases avoid cancer or identify it earlier and improve their outcomes.”


Dr Ledbetter says because of the success they’ve seen with MyCode, and the attention that it’s gotten in the scientific community, other health systems nationally have asked Geisinger if they can give advice, consult or event provide services in the area of precision health, “We’ve been thinking about how to scale up, and provide those services or expertise or tools to other health care systems around the country.”


Geisinger also named Huntington F. Willard, as the first director of the Geisinger National Precisions Health initiative on Tuesday.

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